Capstone Project Mentorship for CHS

Arash Tavakoli, current president of the Link Lab Student Committee on Culture and Livability, together with the other members of the committee helped to mentor Charlottesville City High School for their capstone projects. Arash was the student side leader for this collaboration and he was specifically involved with the project of building a wind turbine for the high school. More information can be found here.

Iridescent Workshop (USC, Los Angeles)

Iridescent workshop was designed to develop civil engineering related projects where k-12 students could develop prototypes and get a better understanding of different civil engineering areas. As part of this workshop, we created three projects in which the students were asked to design buildings that are powered by sustainable energies.

Middle school female students science and engineering outreach program (USC, Los Angeles)

This outreach program was designed for female middle school students to get hands-on experiences on the top of the line technologies and develop an understanding about building-human interaction and approaches to reduce building energy consumption.

C-TECH 2 workshops (Virginia Tech, Blacksburg)

C-TECH2 Workshops were designed for rising junior and senior high school girls to help develop the interests of women in engineering and sciences. Students explored applications of image processing, 3D reconstruction and interacting with Building Information Models.

NASA inspire workshops (Virginia Tech, Blacksburg)

NASA inspire was designed for students between 9th to 12th grade who were interested in STEM education and careers. The goal of this program was to get the students more interested in higher educations and interacting with newest technologies. Students explored applications of image processing, and 3D reconstruction.

Imagination summer camp (Virginia Tech, Blacksburg)

Imagination summer camp at Virginia Tech was designed for students in middle schools to expose them to the newest technologies and research in fields of construction and facility management. In this one day camp, students had the opportunity to interact with the newest technologies. This program welcomed all students, but specifically targeted students that are underrepresented in science and technology.