Project Summary

The Living Link Lab is an NSF-Funded testbed at the University of Virginia (UVA) Cyber-Physical Systems laboratory (Link Lab) for enabling long-term in-situ studies of occupant behavior, cognition, and interactions in a large collaborative environment while monitoring the changes in environmental factors (e.g., changes in temperature, air quality, and humidity) and energy consumption. With occupant-based wearables, automated and interactive mobile robots, and comprehensive building and environment sensors, the testbed will capture several dimensions of variability in human-building interactions that have not been captured in prior research. Additionally, through a developed user interface (UI) system, the consented participants in the Link Lab can access environmental and personal data where they can visually track the changes in their surrounding environment as well as monitor their emotional well-being.

Sensors Deployed

The general criteria with which we selected the sensor are:

  • self-powered
  • inconspicuous
  • wireless

(To see the specs of each sensor, click on the image)

User Interface


Team members

Alan Wang

PhD Student

Graduate Research Assistant

Siavash Yousefi

Jacob Rantas

Jianyu Su